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Company parties

Eventfotograf Hamburg Zauberer Firmenveranstaltung Trabrennbahn


Eventfotograf Hamburg SMM Messe

Press events

Eventfotograf Hamburg Fotograf Pressekonferenz Guido Maria Kretschmer


Eventfotograf Hamburg Messe OMR

Pictures worth celebrating for!

My name is Patrick Lux.
Are you looking for a professional event photographer in Hamburg and northern Germany for your lecture, congress, trade fair, for a press conference, blogger and influencer event or for your company party?

These are exactly the events I have specialized in photographically.

Eventfotograf Hamburg Patrick Lux tooltips

The right dress code is simply part of it, because it gives the event its framework. Let's discuss before the event.

Instant pictures during the event? No problem. For social media or for sharing with the press. Directly on site.

The equipment is important for my work, of course. Besides cameras, lenses and many memory cards, eyes and instinct are my most valuable tools.

My photo archive is online around the clock and double backed up. In case the link to the online gallery is in the wrong mailbox and images are needed quickly.

Built in '82 and with over 20 years experience photographing events large and small.

Hamburg may be my (adopted) home, but I feel at home in the world. I speak fluent English, French and even Luxembourgish.

What could be more personal than a photo of your guests printed out at the event directly to take home? With your logo, motto and advertising message?

With my modern photo printers, this can be done in seconds.

What's in it for you?

I like to let things happen and take pictures without arranging them. This gives you images that are not contrived, but natural, lively and taken from the moment.
You shouldn't expect me to be invisible at my 1.90 meters. But I do act with restraint and still be present, because for a good picture I have to take charge sometimes.

I offer you a new perspective on your event with high-quality photos: those taken with my camera.
It is the many small moments that we can only perceive through a photo. They only add up to the value of an event.
They remind your guests of the experience and make the promotion of follow-up events possible.

Do we fit together?

I am always looking for favorite clients. Where I am not just a service provider. Customers for whom I am happy to go the extra mile. You can become one of those if, like me, you believe in the value and effectiveness of good images and value my expertise. I will make these available to you before and also after the event.
When you book me, it's not because I can operate a camera, it's because I have a nose for when things happen. And I photograph them before they are over.
I also swim in cold water, but a good briefing is important to me. Because then I know where the journey together should take us.
Are you ready to become a heart scientist?