cch hamburg fotograf kongress
cch hamburg fotograf kongress

What can you do with event photos?

Inspire customers and attract top talent – six ideas on how to use your event photos.

Event photos play a crucial role in showcasing and marketing your event. They capture the essence of the event and help you increase the value of your brand. The photos are far too good to just be stored on a drive.

Here are some ways you can use event photos effectively:

Website Gallery

Present the event photos on your website. This gives potential customers and partners an impression of the effort you put into your events. An appealing photo gallery can pique the interest of visitors and add to your credibility.

social media

Share event photos on your social media channels to increase the reach of your event and capture the attention of a larger audience. Well curated photos can drive engagement from your followers and strengthen your brand on social media.

Press releases

Use your event photos to make your press releases visually appealing. High-quality photos can help attract the attention of journalists and editors and increase your chances of getting coverage.

Recruiting and career site

Use event photos on your career page or in job ads to convey the company culture and atmosphere of your events to potential employees. Authentic images can pique the interest of applicants and help you attract talented candidates to your company.

Customer loyalty

Send your attendees personalized emails, gifts or books with event photos after the event to strengthen the bond and encourage them to attend your events again. Photos that show special moments or interactions between participants can leave a lasting impression and increase customer satisfaction.

Internal communication and employee motivation:

Use event photos to share the success of your event within the company. Show the highlights of the event in internal presentations, newsletters or on the intranet. In this way, you can promote team spirit and increase employee loyalty.

Certainly not all of the ideas will suit your event and the customer and target group. But they themselves know how costly events are if they do not exploit their maximum potential. Get more out of it.

Make your request now for the photographic accompaniment of your event!

Picture of Patrick Lux

Patrick Lux

Moin, ich bin Patrick Lux, Fotograf aus Hamburg. Warum ich gerne Events fotografiere? Weil die Begegnung zwischen Menschen immer wieder spannend erlebe. Der Moment ist oft viel zu kurz ist, um die Bedeutung zu verstehen. Eventfotos sorgen dafür, dass Ihre Veranstaltung in den Köpfen bleibt.