Event photographer Hamburg

Your specialist for high-quality photos of your event, for web, social media and PR – uncomplicated, independent and budget-oriented.

Jack of all trades or rather a specialist?

Hello, my name is Patrick Lux.

Are you looking for an event photographer in Hamburg and the surrounding area for your lecture event, congress, trade fair, for a press conference, blogger and influencer event or for your company party?

Exactly on these events I have specialized in photography.

Ready for a fresh perspective?

You need images that are seen? That are clicked on websites and shared on social media? And tell everyone else: your event was worth it?

For this I offer you a fresh perspective on your event: The one through my camera.
It's the many small moments that you can only perceive through a photo. They add up to the value of an event.
Why (sometimes) clairvoyance is more important than photography and who you are dealing with.

For what kind of event are you looking?

Customers opinions

Event photography is the occasion-related photography of events such as corporate events, congresses, press conferences, company celebrations such as Christmas parties, trade fairs, product launches, anniversaries or even private events weddings, christenings or birthdays. An event photographer is commissioned and paid by the organizer of the event.
In the private environment, the event photography has the purpose of a positive memory of the event to hold (eg) in he wedding photography).
For companies, event photography has a strategic purpose. It helps to protect the costly investment in the event.

Event photography combines various elements from photojournalism, reportage photography, sports photography, portrait photography and press photography. Depending on the requirements and the assignment, the photographic focus shifts.
An event photographer must be able to adapt and react flexibly to rapidly changing circumstances, for example with regard to light. In contrast to other photographers in the field of architecture or studio, he himself does not create the circumstances of the shot, but must deal with what is available on site. This includes the skill of quickly providing the shots for press or social media. He usually works alone or in a team with other event photographers.

The profession of event photographer is not protected and anyone can give himself the title. Accordingly, the range of offers for event photographers in Hamburg is very broad. There are, as in many industries, premium providers, which are characterized by a special quality and service level, to amateurs who want to earn a mark in addition. Full-time event photographers primarily cater to corporate events, while amateurs are more likely to be found at private events. An exception to this is wedding photography.

Booking through an agency for photographers has advantages at first glance: Nationwide availability of photographers, one contact person and no time-consuming search.
But this is exactly where the disadvantages lie:
The contact person of the agency is not on site during the event and there are effects of “Chinese whispers”.
With a directly commissioned event photographer, you deal with the same person from start to finish. Already during the selection process you can convince yourself of the performance based on the portfolio.
Every agency needs a commission for the mediation of orders. Even if it is not called commission: You always pay an agency share that does not arrive at the photographer.