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Lectures and seminars serve for further education and networking. Events can be advertised with event photographs and retrospectives can be created.

Cooking event motto ‘DIY store’ with Peter Jensen

As an event photographer it is sometimes allowed to be in smaller groups: In Peter Jensen’s kitchen exhibition Chef Moritz of Rolling Taste Catering shows at a cooking eventwhich tools can be used to prepare delicious things. And tools were meant quite literally there, because under the topic DIY store came a few cooking utensils […]

Weihnachtsmann – eine Frage der Ehre

Seminar: Wo lernt eigentlich der Weihnachtsmann sein Handwerk? Gutes Personal soll ja schlecht zu finden sein. Das gilt wohl auch für den Weihnachtsmann. Denn wenn der sein Handwerk nicht beherrscht, dann macht das auf Firmenfest oder Incentive Veranstaltung keinen Spaß. Doch wo lernen eigentlich Weihnachtsmänner ihr Handwerk? Was gehört da alles dazu und an welche […]

Social Media Event #SNHAM

#SNHAM goes Hamburg: Social Secrets brought his Social Media series of events to the Hanseatic city for the first time. In moondoo on the Reeperbahn Nadine Neubauer from Facebook, Thomas de Buhr from Twitter, Blogger Nico Lumma and Christopher Cederskog from AIRBND insights into their part of the Social Media industry. Since 2012, Social Secrets […]