Reception “Feuer und Flamme für Olympia”

Michael Neumann, Hamburg Senator for the Interior and Sport, is optimistic about his application for the 2024 or 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, because the Olympic Games are a unique opportunity for the city to develop further: “We should take it with a hot heart and a cool head.
In front of several dozen clients in the offices of Schomerus & Partner in Deichstraße, Michael Neumann emphasized that the Olympic Games would be a stroke of luck for Hamburg in their effect both externally and internally. On the one hand, the application for Hamburg’s place on the “World Map of Awareness” is already strengthening. In the months before and during the games, pictures of Hamburg’s most beautiful sites would go around the world. In this context, Neumann recalled the “summer fairy tale”, the Football World Cup 2006.
At the event I was booked as an event photographer and my photos were send to the media via a press distribution list.

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