31C3 Hacker Congress

Chaos Computer Club Congress the digital change at a glance

There were more than 10,000 paying guests at the 31st Hackerkongress of the Chaos Computer Club at the Hamburger CCH at the end of 2014, which I photographed for the third time >. And the nice thing about it is that compared to other congresses and lecture events it really is a world of its own. A bit like the Wacken Festival and funny enough the T-Shirt with the logo of the Heavy Metal Festival is often seen here. A bottle mail system with vacuum cleaner drive, a huge bubble as a disco tent and an illuminated corridor like in a spaceship, the 31C3 was also visually interesting again.

If you only expect funny nerds here, you are wrong, because the participants of the Congress dedicate themselves with humour and irony to the digital change. No wonder that mobile phones are not secure and that personal data can only be read in highly encrypted form by secret services. But nobody has to move into a non-electrified hole in the ground. But everyone should know what happens to their own data and what others can do with it.

Personality rights with Event photography increasingly important

This is why many participants are sometimes allergic to photography. Because in times of digitally automated evaluation of photos it can be determined quickly on pictures in the net who is to be seen on it. Apart from the legal framework, however, it is always a simple question of decency for me to ask beforehand whether I may photograph. And with that I drove well again this year and didn’t get a rejection.

Persons must be asked before publication

Basically, pictures may only be published if the persons photographed have consented. And there are only a few exceptions. If the event is a public meeting or an elevator, i.e. a carnival procession or your demonstration, you don’t have to ask any questions. But only if the character of the event is shown on the pictures. Just because there are several people on the picture is not a criterion.
It is also usually difficult to prove consent through implied action, i.e. when it must have been clear to the persons that the event, the Congress or Event will be photographed. This is only safe if the persons grin directly into the camera.
That so far in the short version, more you can read here at Rechtambild.de.

Having a respectful attitude is the easiest way to get

You are only legally out of the woods if you have your rights confirmed in writing, which will be difficult to do at all events.
Therefore it is best to ask the photographed with a smile and to respect them if someone will not be seen on the photos. And if there are any complaints, simply delete the pictures and remove them from the net.