Moin, I am Patrick Lux.

I was always a lousy soccer photographer. That never interested me. My thing was always red carpet, politics and news events. Where things develop dynamically, it gets stressful and sometimes even history is made. Where you definitely have something to tell. Early in my career, I covered these events for daily newspapers and news agencies; today, I do for companies, associations and event organizers. And even if your event doesn't go down in the history books: you can be sure that I know how to get the best pictures. For me, photographing events has to do with instinct and perspective. With the camera, I can condense moods, highlight details, and capture moments that no one would have noticed otherwise. When you book me, it's not because I can operate a camera, but because I have a sixth sense for when things happen. And I capture them before they're over. Do we fit together? You will notice my journalistic background: Because I like to ask questions and demand a detailed briefing. You can be sure I can operate spontaneously, but it is important for me to know where your journey is going. You are my ideal client if you value my expertise. I provide that before and after the event. My goal is images that are seen and cause reactions. And not filed away somewhere and forgotten. Your Patrick Lux PS: Please don't ask me how to explain "offside" in one sentence. I never understood it.

How I work


For me, decency forms the basis of good cooperation. I stick to things I agree with you. You benefit from my network of colleagues I trust - in Hamburg and beyond. As a substitute just in case or as a good recommendation.


I like to let things run and photograph without arranging. So you get pictures that are not put on, but natural, alive and sprung from the moment. That I am invisible, you should not expect with my 1.90 meters. However I act reserved and yet present, because for a good picture I must also sometimes take command.

Independent and prepared

Nothing is more unsatisfying for you than disappointed expectations. Because your event cannot simply be repeated. That's why I always devote myself to professional preparation. You will be guided by me through this process. We will find out what is important to you and what is particularly important to you. So that you do not have to worry about the photographer at your event, but only about the 1 000 other things.


My credo: Your goals come first for me. For that, I go the extra mile even in the rain. And don't leave you standing in the same place afterwards. Put me to the test: I can always think of something else you can do with your photos to surprise your target audience.

Speaking of which, I don't only photograph events

business photography

Portraits, personal branding, image photos, images for corporate communication and website: The whole range for entrepreneurs and personalities. Because if you want to be visible, you have to be seen.

virtual tours

Virtual panorama tours on Google and for your own website make rooms come alive on the web. For customers, applicants or business partners.