Patrick Lux


I am Patrick Lux, photographer from Hamburg.

My drive? Curiosity!

Probably that’s why I first ended up in (photo) journalism.
During my work as a photo reporter for daily newspapers, magazines and magazines, I learned how to tell stories.

Events are the place for me to meet new people and get to know many different perspectives.

Photographing at events means much more to me than just preserving moments:

In retrospect, those who were there should discover new perspectives. For the others, the event can be experienced.

When am I right for you?
If my way of working convinces your eyes and your stomach equally


Patrick Lux Event Photographer Hamburg

my approach

Independent and prepared

Nothing is more unsatisfactory than disappointed expectations. Because your event is not easy to repeat. That is why professional preparation is needed. I guide you through this process. We find out what you care about and what to look out for. So that you don't have to worry about the photographer at your event, just about the 1,000 other things.


My credo: Your goals are my top priority. My event photography should reach its goals and does not serve the self-realization of the photographer. If I can even do that, all the better.

Authentic imagery

I like to let things run and photograph without arranging. So my pictures are not set up, but natural, lively and rise from the moment. That I am invisible will be expected by no one at my 1.90 meters. I act reservedly and nevertheless present, because for a good picture you have to take over the command.


Decency forms the basis for sustainable success. That's why I stick to things I agree.
Benefit from my network of colleagues I trust - in Hamburg and elsewhere in Germany. As a substitute or as a good recommendation.