Presentation of the family study of the Coca-Cola Happiness Institute

Blogger and Journalists with a focus on the family met at the Eventlocation Storm-free booth on the 13th floor of the Alstertower and discussed how the modern family works. How important are friends in everyday life and can one do without them as part of the “felt” family?
At the event I was booked as Event photographer. The press photos were made available to the participants bloggers and journalists and shown on Coca-Cola Journey. I also filmed the lectures and provided the videos for documentation.

Friends take an ever more important place in today’s families, because the family is not always attainable. They have their back free and help to master everyday life. This is also the result of the current Family Study of the Happiness Institute. For 84 percent of Germans, the family is “very important”; it is a pillar of our private joie de vivre. At the same time, a trend can be discerned: Friends are becoming more important, we consider them to be part of our felt family – the “Framily” (family & friends). Family is no longer defined by pure kinship.

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