Startup contest in Betahaus coworking space

For the Betahaus I photographed the Betapitch 2014. It is one of the first events at the new location of the Co-Working Space in the Eifflerstraße in Hamburg.
The betapitch is a competition between eight curated startups from Hamburg and the surrounding area who have to convince a top-class jury and the audience of their concept in a five-minute pitch. The first place winners will not only receive free working space in betahaus Hamburg for six months, but also a network of founders, innovators and multipliers as well as participation in betapitch | global,
Rescued ideas were able to succeed with their invention “Basslet”. The bracelet, which is supposed to intensify the listening experience of music with the headphones, generates vibrations synchronously to the beat of the music. This creates the impression of perceiving the bass all over your body like in a club.
The Betahaus uses the photos for the current one the press work and the communication on website and Facebook appearance.

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