DVZ Online b2b conference

Conference on digital expertise for the optimization of communication in the transport and logistics industry

For the Deutsche Verkehrszeitung DVZ I was booked as press photographer for the online b2b conference. The event at the Hotel Empire Riverside was about how companies are better perceived on the web. How to see through the thicket of digital information, what is behind social media and what it does for corporate communication. My photos were published in reports in the print and online edition of the newspaper.

Google ranking increasingly important for new customer business

So far, only 82 percent of companies in Germany have their own homepage. Many of these serve more as an extended business card. ‘Rather, it is often impossible to get out the pages,’ said Michael Dunker, managing partner of the agency Testroom.
94 percent of people go online before making a purchase decision. Thus 85 percent of all new customer contacts take place via search engines. This makes it clear why your own internet presence and its placement in search engine results, especially Google, is so important. Your own website must be structured so that the algorithm of the search engine can read and evaluate it optimally.

Stay in touch with social media and find new talents

Google loves good content, therefore especially editorial texts are rated higher by the search engine than pure advertising messages. Little stories, which are relevant to the company’s subject area but are not direct product advertising, can also be a wonderful hook in social networks such as Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn or on Youtube. With short introductory videos of the company and training occupations, an effective employer branding can be created, as the vehicle manufacturer Krone does in its video channel on Youtube.

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